These three tasks are the most crucial when prepping your home for sale.

When you’re preparing to sell your home, the repair/remodel list can get long and seem overwhelming. Do you renovate the bathroom, change the countertops, update the appliances, or replace the carpet? Where do you even begin? How do you know what truly needs to be done? It may feel like too much. 


However, with a little bit of focus, preparing your home for sale becomes much more manageable. That’s why I’m sharing the three most effective tasks to do before selling that will get you the most return on investment (ROI):


3. Declutter. 

Walk around with a box and clean up. Throw away, donate, or store all unnecessary 

items. Items you haven’t used in six months, or won’t use for a few months (e.g., seasonal

clothing), should be stored. You don’t need them laying around when buyers view the house.


2. Deep clean. 

Windows, cabinets, appliances, basement rooms that aren’t often used, the garage, etc. 

A clean home will show much better and sell quicker; buyers notice a tidy house.



   Throw away, donate, or store all unnecessary items.  


1. Paint.

This is the least expensive, highest impact task a seller can do. A fresh coat of paint in a home is like a clean slate—it even smells new. If you’re going to change colors, consider speaking with a good designer or stager who knows the latest trends. I’m glad to help, and as of today light gray and white are in style. 


However, if you’re watching this months from now, it could be completely different. Also, any dark woodwork or doors should be painted white (as of current styles), it makes them pop and looks updated. 


These are the three least expensive enhancements you can make to your house and will get you the highest ROI. 


If you have any questions or would like a personal consultation, please feel free to reach out to me anytime via phone or email. I would love to help you.