While there’s no “best” time to sell, certain seasons have their perks.

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When is the absolute best time to sell your home? Well, it depends. Here are three scenarios to consider that can give you a better idea of when you should sell:


1. What is your personal situation? Have you had any major life changes recently, such as an addition to the family or a new job? Do you simply want more space? These can each change the timing of a home sale.

2. Is spring really the best time to sell? This season is typically an active time for sellers. While you’ll likely get a little more for your sale, if you’re also looking to purchase a home, you’ll be paying more as well.

3. What about fall or winter? We do a lot of transactions during these seasons. Resources such as moving companies are more available compared to their busy spring season, and buyers like knowing they won’t have to compete for services. Fall and winter are good times to sell, but you’ll likely get a little less than in spring.


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