Skapar Design Build is a full-service contractor that specializes in small interior remodels.

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Today I’m joined by Nate Mielke of Skapar Design Build to talk about what makes this company unique among full-service contractors in the Twin Cities area.


Nate’s been in the business for roughly 20 years, and his passion for building things started with playing with legos as a kid (which he still does as an adult from time to time.) Over the years, the biggest challenges he’s had to overcome are learning the business itself and switching from the man swinging the hammer to the person overseeing the job. Hiring reliable people that he’s been able to trust has helped immensely in doing this.


Skapar focuses on small interior remodels that give them ample opportunity to interact with the homeowner.


About a year and a half ago, Nate changed the name of the company from Nathan Mielke Home Services to Skapar Design Build (Skapar is from the Old Norse meaning “to create” or “creator”). Along with this, they revamped their business approach, and they’re plenty busy now that summer is here.


Skapar focuses on small interior remodels that give them ample opportunity to interact with the homeowner, and they use a few different architects, depending on the project at hand. Most of their business takes place in the western suburbs of the Twin Cities.


What makes Skapar really unique, though, is how they choose jobs that are only a good fit for both parties involved. This point brings us to an important question: If you’re thinking of doing some remodeling, can you stay in the home while the work is being completed or are you better off living elsewhere? According to Nate, the answer depends on the size of the project, whether you have extra room in the home, the size of your family, etc.


You can watch the video above in its entirety to see our full conversation. If you’d like to get in touch with Nate, you can give him a call at (952) 250-2300 or visit


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