Gluek’s Beer is a pillar of the life, culture, and history in Minneapolis. Check out my interview with its owner, Linda Rae Holcomb, in today’s video.

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Today I’m delighted to sit down with Linda Rae Holcomb of Gluek’s Beer here in Minneapolis. Gluek’s has a special rarity as it’s one of the oldest bars in all of Minneapolis and, as you can imagine, is rich in history. 


The story of the bar’s founding is truly amazing. Linda’s great grandfather actually opened the bar for business at midnight on the very night Prohibition was abolished. This year marks five years for Gluek’s Bar and 162 years for the Gluek’s beer brand. 


The family name, Gluek, translates in German to ‘good luck’ or ‘good fortunate,’ but in the hearts of the Midwestern consumer, it’s synonymous with beer. 


Gluek’s is certainly woven into the fabric of Minneapolis, and the way Linda sees it, there are a number of reasons for this; not only is it one of the original bars in the downtown district, but the brand’s age contributes to the sentimentality it has among Minneapolis residents. 


Because the brand has spanned so many generations, Linda has come to discover that, whether it’s the beer brand or the bar itself, Gluek’s significance lies with each individual and their respective story.  


An exciting, new development has also materialized for Gluek’s: Linda and the brand have formed a partnership with Fulton Brewers. After pursuing an earlier alliance that proved to not be a good fit, she introduced her product into the Denver market and, as Linda puts it, “the stars aligned” with Fulton Brewers. Her first batch, a cream ale, just recently went into the tank and will be offered in bars and taprooms on the Minnesota Twins’ opening day game. 


Linda has come to discover that, whether it’s the brand or the bar itself, Gluek’s significance lies with each individual and their respective story.


From an early age, Linda says she was born “into” the bar. She developed an appreciation and love for the family history attached to the brand, so when the label was about to be retired, she simply couldn’t let it happen. 


When asked about her biggest challenge working in the business, she points to the fact that, in an earlier time, the brewing industry was thought to be more of a “boy’s industry.” She went on to say that it has largely evolved past this, and she’s happy to see men and women collaborating together in this way. 


If you’re curious about Gluek’s and you’d like to further explore all that they have to offer, I encourage you to visit their website at and keep an eye out for them on Facebook and other social media platforms as well.   

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