Today I’m joined by Megan Horn and Peggy Anderson from Vane & Gable Interior Staging and Styling to cover a few items that homeowners would do well to pay attention to.

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Megan and Peggy have been friends for many years. They decided to start their business out of their mutual love of design and creating spaces for their family and friends. They’ve always loved rearranging furniture, so for them, interior design and staging felt like a natural fit.


Vane & Gable, their business and passion project, offers three kinds of services:


1.Staging consults. They meet with homeowners, walk room by room through their homes, and provide them with suggestions about what they can do to make their home look nice for their eventual sale.

2. Full-service staging. They bring in furniture and accessories to a home to create an attractive look for potential buyers to enjoy when they walk through a seller’s home.

3. Design consults. They help people with new homes come up with a look that excites them as homeowners, from advising about furniture and paint colors to other accessories that create a well-rounded aesthetic.


One of the biggest challenges they face in their business is dealing with a homeowner’s emotions. Their homes are personal to them, and so they might naturally be inclined to be defensive when home designers come in and give suggestions and feedback about how to improve their look. 


In the face of emotional homeowners, however, Megan and Peggy respond with patience and gentle encouragement. It’s important to be sensitive to people’s tastes, but homeowners who are selling need to remember that this will no longer be their home, and their decisions need to reflect that understanding.


A question that selling clients often ask me is about where they should start in preparing their home for the market. For some, the process can seem overwhelming. Here are Megan and Peggy’s tips for creating a show-ready home:

  • Remove any clutter and begin packing as early as possible. The extra space will help buyers imagine themselves living there, and it will also make for better home photos.
  • Remove personalized items like photos from the walls. Walls that are laden with framed pictures don’t always photograph well, and these personalized elements can distract buyers from their own vision of what to do with the home.
  • Focus on the entryway, living room, kitchen, and dining areas. It only takes a couple seconds for buyers to assess whether or not a house feels right for them, so first impressions are everything. These rooms are the ones buyers tend to focus on, so concentrating your efforts there is a way to get a little more bang for your buck.
  • Decorative elements like throw pillows on the couch freshen a space up and are inexpensive.

If you’re interested in getting more professional advice from our guests today or would like to schedule a consultation, you can do so by visiting their website at or by calling (651) 491-3058.


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